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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of increasing your websites natural/organic positioning within all the main Search Engines unpaid results. Simply put, a well thought out and optimised SEO marketing campaign will massively increase your websites visibility and rank within the search engine results, this will increase traffic and drive qualified leads directly to your website.


Currently, paid search campaigns are too expensive for small businesses. With the use of continuous and efficient SEO as an alternative, this ensures a better return on your investment. In most business environments, whoever wins the publicity war attracts the most customers. If your competition is using SEO and you are not, then your business is losing out.


Here at Gilbert Media, we have many years’ experiences in search engine optimisation, SEO, Our Company has a well-trained and competent team of professionals that will take you through the process of establishing and maintaining a successful SEO strategy. In addition to that, it is well versed with the various, and ever changing, dynamics that shape the SEO landscape.


When a client employs our services we always provide detailed monthly reports including all information such as; rankings, keywords, domain and URL authority, keyword density, content reports and backlinks generated. We do this because we like all of our customers to understand just exactly what it is we do in our bespoke campaign, this way they can keep track of the effectiveness of their SEO.


Gilbert media have a proven track record when it comes to ranking all kinds websites and businesses number one on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, remember your success is our success. 

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